Safe & Secure

Our storage facility is fortified with an 8ft high security prison mesh, crowned with razor wire for an added layer of protection, all securely affixed to steel posts that are concreted into the ground at 5ft intervals, ensuring a robust perimeter defence. To bolster security during the more vulnerable hours, we employ a night-time security guard, complemented by a comprehensive CCTV surveillance system that operates around the clock. Access to the site is meticulously controlled through a security guard-managed entry and exit system, reinforced by the requirement for ID cards and a sophisticated number plate recording system to monitor and record all vehicular movements in and out of the premises.

Strategically located on a bustling industrial estate, which itself benefits from 24-hour CCTV surveillance, our storage facility gains an additional layer of security. The estate's design, featuring a single access point for both entry and exit, significantly enhances the site's security by limiting potential points of intrusion. We've strategically positioned our cameras to capture all number plates, ensuring a comprehensive record of all traffic to and from the site. Moreover, we've taken measures to address safety and hygiene concerns by equipping the site with fire extinguishers and implementing a vermin control program, guaranteeing not just the security, but also the safety and cleanliness of your stored items. This meticulous attention to security details ensures that our clients can have peace of mind knowing their possessions are stored in a facility that prioritises their safety and security above all else.

Night time security guard

Dedicated night-time security guards provide vigilant protection when it's needed most.

CCTV in operation

Around-the-clock CCTV surveillance keeps a watchful eye on the premises.

ID Cards

Personalised ID cards for secure, verified access.

Number plate recording system

Advanced number plate recording for meticulous vehicular monitoring.

£60 per Month

including padlock and 24/7 access

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What people are saying

At Auckland Caravan Storage, we take immense pride in our local reputation, built on trust, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Our commitment to providing secure and convenient storage solutions has made us a favoured choice in the community.


Very well run place and friendly staff

Mandy Cartner,
March 2022

Gold Rated

Great security and helpful staff. Gold rated

Doug Ratcliffe,
March 2023


Come and go anytime, any day. Very secure. Excellent service from D...

Colin Hepburn,
June 2023

Very Good

Great service Very good security can’t ask for more – s...

ChrisD Di,
September 2023


Used these on and off for 20 years for container storage I used to ...

Thomas Budd,
August 2023
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