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Finding the ideal storage solution for your business is crucial. You need a facility where your company's assets are protected, cost-efficient, secure, and accessible whenever required, with the flexibility to accommodate both short-term and long-term storage needs.

Various circumstances might prompt an organisation to seek out business storage units. Whether it's an urgent relocation due to a burst pipe, repairs, or an earthquake, or you're in need of a secure space for business documents and inventory, the need for storage can arise unexpectedly.

Perhaps your company is downsizing due to a shift towards remote working, or you're renovating your offices or shopfront, or in the process of moving premises and in temporary need of extra space. Alternatively, you might be looking to increase your inventory without the additional costs and hassle of opening a new location, or you have seasonal stock that requires storage.

Regardless of the reason, what you're looking for is an affordable, accessible, safe, secure, and straightforward commercial storage solution for your business's physical assets, be it inventory, equipment, or crucial documents. With our facilities located in Bishop Auckland, Auckland Self Storage Containers is dedicated to providing a smooth and hassle-free service to meet your business and commercial storage requirements.

20 Feet Containers

20 feet containers with 24 hour access in secure yard with security guard situated near.

Large Capacity

Container dimensions are 8ft high by 8ft wide and 20ft long. Floor area is 150 square feet and 1160 cubic feet and can be used for a wide range of uses.

24 Hour Access

Easy in and out terms with a minimum of 1 month contract.

Drive up access

Enjoy the ultimate convenience with drive-up access. Allowing you to load and unload directly from your vehicle.


When it comes to moving house, the alignment of dates and schedules can often be less than perfect. Storage units emerge as a practical solution during these transitional periods, allowing you to safeguard as many of your possessions as necessary until you're comfortably settled into your new home. For those finding their new space to be more compact than the previous one, a personal storage unit offers the luxury of time to decide what to do with items that no longer fit.

Engaging a professional moving company that provides packing services can significantly simplify the moving process, a boon during times when your mind is preoccupied with a myriad of tasks. Similarly, renting a storage facility is an effective strategy not only for those in the midst of moving but also for individuals opting to downsize their lifestyle.


Undergoing renovations with your belongings in situ exposes them to potential damage. Moreover, a cluttered environment can hinder the efficiency of the work being carried out. Utilising a storage container offers a safeguard for your items, keeping them secure until the renovations are complete. This approach allows for a smoother transition when it comes time to reorganise your undamaged, clean furniture in the newly renovated space.


It's surprisingly easy for a part of your home to inadvertently become a storage area for items you're not quite ready to part with. Instead of allowing these possessions to occupy valuable space that could be better utilised, opting for a household storage unit presents a straightforward solution. This not only helps in reclaiming your living space but also in maintaining a more organised and decluttered home environment.

from £60 per Month

including padlock and 24/7 access

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At Auckland Storage Containers, we take immense pride in our local reputation, built on trust, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Our commitment to providing secure and convenient storage solutions has made us a favoured choice in the community.


Very well run place and friendly staff

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March 2022

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Great security and helpful staff. Gold rated

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March 2023


Come and go anytime, any day. Very secure. Excellent service from D...

Colin Hepburn,
June 2023

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Great service Very good security can’t ask for more – s...

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September 2023


Used these on and off for 20 years for container storage I used to ...

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August 2023
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